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Did You Know
Niagara Lubricant  specializes in small to medium size packaging orders. If you're looking for smaller production runs, give us a call.
For Lubriplate Products Contact Sales Representative Rachel Mackmin or Bob Duffy. 
Niagara Lubricant is a member of the Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association and Tire Industries Association.

"The Intelligent Choice For All Your Lubrication Needs"
MET ADD 0898 - A premium quality metal working fluid additive formulated with anti-weld extreme pressure and lubricity agents to provide to existing systems and extend their fluid life.

MET KOOL 0891 - A premium quality water soluble metal working fluid that is chemically balanced for a broad range of applications. MET KOOLĂ´ 0891 is a light duty, general purpose soluble oil recommended for high use applications.

MET KOOL 0874-S - A super premium quality semi-synthetic metal working fluid formulated to provide a wide variety of operations on all ferrous and non-ferrous metals. MET KOOLĂ´ 0874-S is a heavy duty coolant that will handle a majority of the operations typically encountered in the shop. It will offer a superior lubricity for excellent machining performance and a clean running, trouble free coolant for long service.

NIAGARA WAY-LUBE - A premium grade oil for lubrication of machine tool slide-way components, NIAGARA WAY-LUBE oils are a special blend of extreme pressure additives compounded with friction-modifying additives to provide superior lubrication and excellent "Anti-Stick Slip" properties. Available in three (3) ISO viscosity grades: 32, 68 and 220.

MET-KUT - Machining Oils are a series of metal working oils formulated to satisfy a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous machining operations. With a range of viscosity grades to satisfy specific machining requirements. There's a correct MET KUT machining fluid to enhance each machining operation.

The machining of any metal depends on many factors. These include the type of metal, it's composition and hardness, and the types of operations. MET KUT has the right fluid for specific operation.

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