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Niagara Lubricant
91 Years of serving Buffalo and Western New York and the World.


Did You Know
Niagara Lubricant  specializes in small to medium size packaging orders. If you're looking for smaller production runs, give us a call.
For Lubriplate Products Contact Sales Representative Rachel Mackmin or Bob Duffy. 
Niagara Lubricant is a member of the Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association and Tire Industries Association.

Niagara Lubricant's Five Star Tire Care Products line consists of high quality manufactured tire changing lubricant, tire bead lubricant, tire bead lubricant, tire mounting lubricant and synthetic bearing grease. To learn more about our tire lubricant products, click on your product of choice to learn more.

2541 - Five Star E-Z Tire Mounting Liquid

2542 - Five Star E-Z Tire Mounting Xtra Liquid

2545  - Five Star E-Z Tire Mounting Xxtra Liquid

2552 - Five Star White Wall Cleaner

Tire Mounting Pastes & Greases
2537 - Five Star E-Z Tiger Paste

2539 - Five Star Tire Grease and Lube

2540L - Five Star E-Z Mount Paste Light

2540  - Five Star E-Z Mount Paste

2540HD - Five Star E-Z Mount Paste Heavy

2548 - Five Star E-Z Mount Euro Paste

Synthetic Greases

0710 - Five Star MP Lithium #2 Synthetic Bearing Grease

0726 - Five Star Tuff-Tac Red Heavy Duty Synthetic Bearing Grease

3000GR - Five Star Ultra-Tac Moly HD Synthetic Bearing Grease

Tire Paints

0839 - Five Star Universal Black Tire Paint (Ready To Use)

0844 - Five Star Concentrated Black Tire Paint (Concentrated Mix Ratio 3:1 to 6:1)


0406 - Five Star Super Red Pneumatic Air Tool Lubricant

0422 - Five Star Super Blue Jack Oil

2543 - Five Star E-Z Check Leak Detector

1071P - Five Star Penn-Lube 2000 Penetrating Oil


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